Reasons why I should go to law school

There are a plethora of reasons to go to law school. Law school is an extension of undergraduate work in law or a related field. Law school is like a Masters degree in Law. With the degree you can practice law, once you pass the Bar Exam, and find a successful, meaningful, and rewarding career. Unlike other careers, the need for lawyers is overwhelming. Law school is hard and will take the sacrifice of time and money, but the result will be a job that is steady. Even during times of depression or recession, lawyers come on top and litigate cases throughout.

After you complete law school there are many options in which you can find for employment. A prosecuting attorney is a good job is you have a sense of justice and you want to see criminals behind bars. In this position you will probably work for city or a state government. You will be responsible for reviewing cases and making the decision to whether prosecute the accused or not. This comes with a heavy moral obligation that some may not be suited for. The pay is lower than most other lawyer jobs, but the reward of helping to put criminals behind bars can be priceless.

The opposite of a prosecuting attorney is a defense lawyer. In this job description you defend the person being accused. The accused pays you to represent them in court and get the charges to be dropped or reduced. Defense attorneys can make a lot of money according to the types of crimes and people they defend. There are public appointed defenders that do not make as much money, but are paid by the city or state. This allows someone who does not have money for a defense attorney to have one free of charge.

There are other job descriptions you can be qualified for by going to law school. There are corporate lawyers who defend corporations against lawsuits and keep everything legal within the corporation. There are military lawyers that defend and prosecute military personal. There are personal injury lawyers that helps defendants get compensation from an injury. There are even pet lawyers that specialize in animal law.

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There are many reasons one should go to law school. Not only is it profitable and gives job security, but there are some moral and ethical commitments that are deemed as doing something good for the community or for the individuals.